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Dressbest strenght is based upon an in-house design team. A full package of Desion & Product Development Service is manufactured according to corporation & employees needs.

In house designers of Dressbest have developed most of the upmost corporate fashion ranges, which has been accomplished with the intensive research of the client, trends in fashion, wearers’ comfort. The fabrics and garments used are excellent in quality, fabrics & components are tested with immense care. Dressbest also cares about wearer trials to design for tailor made. Located in İstanbul, Turkey with an integrated manufacturing plant, Dressbest works with the local supply chains to optimise cost & time.

The aim is to please all uniforms are appreciated by staff, management and the client’s customers. Innovation is highly important as latest technology fabrics are used. Therefore Dressbest, reflects the corporate brand identity whilst evolving their brand for higher impact. Dressbest philosophy of serving corporates is to ensure that employees have their uniform delieved for when they need it. Therefore every supply chain is meticulously monitored by the forecast analysts to optain the requirred deadlines.

In managing the supply chain, optimum stock levels are maintained for each department. With the advantage of having both manufactoring facilities & control aceountants the global service quarantees the best standarts and right prices. Dressbest operation depends upon integrated and secure IT systems. Security, data integrity, confidentiality are accredited.

Delivery & Logistics are highly important so Dressbest has teamed up some of the world’s leading logictics partners to provide the safest delivery on time. Data in Dressbest starts its journey from the manufacturing time, tracing keeps on until the goods are delievered to the correct location.